Our team at BLUE DUCK MEDIA shot a card ripping pilot for a major network partner. We built this show from the ground up - I had a hand in every frame of the show as our Creative Director

The first step was our studio space - I oversaw a full set design & build. 
 I built a workflow for merging the real world of our set with the motion graphics. We used Reality Capture to explore photogrammetry as a way to recreate one of a kind sports cards in order to shoot them in a way no camera could.  In the end, we rebuilt the cards from scratch, painstakingly matching the design and texture of the hero cards.  the primary broadcast package using Blender and After Effects.
 I led our production crew through the filming process, working with our cinematographer to find the right motorized lazy susan and the perfect combination of FX lens filters in order to develop a unique in-camera approach to make the cards tangible for the audience.